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Cranked Car Club

Where the Rubber Meets the Road and Charity Takes the Wheel

Hold on to your lug nuts, because we're not your ordinary car club – we're the pit crew with a heart as big as a V8 engine! Cranked Car Club has been rolling through the Midwest since '07, and our obsession with automobiles is only rivaled by our commitment to making the world a better place, one exhaust note at a time.

Built in the Garage: Cranked's journey started with three amigos whose idea of a cozy night involves a carburetor, a toolbox, and some good old-fashioned tire talk. Since then, we've evolved into a full-blown crew of 30+ members, all united by a common addiction to cars. We've got more horsepower in our garage than your favorite supercar on steroids.

Monthly Pit Stops: Our meetings aren't your typical buttoned-up, suit-and-tie affairs. No, we prefer the ambiance of dusty diners, abandoned parking lots, and back alleys where the music plays the sweet sound of a well-tuned engine. And those "undercover" club days at drag strips? Picture it like a high-speed secret handshake.

Events as Diverse as a Tool Box: Our event calendar is as colorful as a mechanic's toolbox. We've got Dyno Days that make horsepower numbers jump like they're on a trampoline, parades where our rides are more costumed than a Mardi Gras parade, and car shows that redefine the word "custom." Our cruises? Well, let's just say they're as wild as an untamed stallion with a nitrous kick.

Grease Monkey Generosity: Our hearts aren't just in the right place; they're in the garage, too. From our quirky toy drives for UW Childrens Hospital to our gearhead gigs at Head Start, we're more unconventional than a wrench used as a musical instrument. We don't just turn wrenches; we turn frowns upside down.

The Charity Turbo Boost: Cranked doesn't just drive cars; we drive change. Whether we're hosting our own annual cruise night, teaming up with the caffeine-fueled crew at Rockford Cars and Coffee, or putting on our offbeat car shows, we're always turning the key on fun, laughs, and a commitment to causes that's as serious as a brake job.

Cranked Car Club is more than an enthusiast's paradise; it's a blend of high-octane fun and a heart as warm as an idling engine on a chilly morning. So, join us in this journey where the road is our canvas, and our rides are the paintbrushes, adding color and a dash of horsepower to the world.

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