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With the establishment of anything, there are going to be rules and expectations. These rules and expectations are as follows, and will help you stay on the path and decide whether Cranked Car Club is something you truly want to be a part of.

1. Each member of the club must be dedicated to building and supporting the club itself as well as the members. We are a family, and family supports family.

2. Each member is required to have a Cranked Sticker either on the windshield or back window of their vehicle.

3.NEVER disrespect nor negatively comment on any other club or individuals vehicle. Act in a mature and responsible manner. This club will not tolerate any unnecessary activities. Be professional!

4. NEVER become complacent with how your ride is. Complacency is the downfall to many things in life. Always look for ways to improve upon it. The car industry is and will continue to be an expensive one, if you are not prepared to make that investment; Your Vision will never become what it could’ve been.

5. Make all necessary attempts to attend club events and shows. It is important to show outsider’s and potential club members that we mean business at all times. This goes for Cruises, casual meets, or just happening to bump into each other. If any members are at the same place together, try and park together.

6. The club requires 3 mandatory events for each member to attend: Cruise In for a Cause Car Show, Cruise to the American Family Children’s Hospital and The Head Start Program.

7. The club requires all club members, and prospect to attend 50% of monthly meetings held throughout the year. Attendance is taken at each meeting to confirm.

8. Get to know all of the club members. The foundation can only be solid if we are comfortable with each other. Cranked Inc is a place where great friendships can and will be made, so have fun!

9. Cranked does not believe in Tunnel Vision Cars. What is meant by that is, we don’t believe in having just a fast car, or a car with audio mods. We look at everything. We believe in “Every Aspect Cars”. We request a slightly modified vehicle; however those who are car enthusiasts and willing to participate in the club, will be reviewed accordingly.

10. Club Dues must be current at all times, and paid at monthly meetings. Dues can be paid w/ cash, card, or sent via paypal.

11. Support your fellow members.

12. Again! Support the Club and it’s’ Cause!

13. Last, but, definitely not the least; by all means have fun. Never forget to have fun. Laughing is the biggest stress reliever known to man.

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