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All new member prospects are required to go through a simple probationary period. The length of this probationary period varies. It can be anywhere from 3 to 12 months. The length of the probationary period before a membership decision is made, solely depends on the prospects Attitude, Participation, Character, Vehicle Progress, and over all drive.

This probationary period can be thought of as a window for the prospect to get to know the current members of the family and vice versa. It allows us as the current family to get a feel for the new prospect, as well as giving the prospect a chance to see if being a part of Cranked is ideally something he/she still may want to do. During the prospect period all prospects are encouraged to participate in any events we have as a club. Prospect membership is decided on the opinions/votes of current club officers. 

Prospects are required to participate in the Cruise In for a Cause Car Show, and the Cruise to the American Family Children’s Hospital.

ALL MEMBERS of Cranked are required to wear club banners/stickers on club vehicles if they are voted in.

Club dues are $25/year to keep membership. All members will be required to purchase club t-shirts for shows and events.

For More Information please contact us:


Tim Horne


Vice President:

Jimmy Bragg


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